Good Times Best of Santa Cruz 2015

Good Times Best of Santa Cruz 2015

You can’t live in Santa Cruz for long without developing a special relationship with the Good Times Weekly. I have lived here for 27 years, and have read my fair share of issues. Wednesdays (used to be Thursdays) wouldn’t be complete without that fresh stack of newsprint, and its colorful and always clever cover waiting for you.

First analyze the cover, then go to the Local Talk section, find out what question was asked on the street, and see if I know any of the people that were quoted. Then straight to Risa’s Astrology. Next, to the table of contents, the features, and eventually, the music calendar, and of course, what is showing at the Nick.

Local Businesses. Local News. Local Flavor. The Good Times is a more than an institution; it’s a big Santa Cruz-style hug.  Winning the Good Times “Best Realtor 2015” is a hug that is going to last all year!

It is an honor to be included in this “Best Of “ class: hard working people and businesses that wake up everyday with the single goal of being the best.  Happy clients are an affirmation of all that hard work and dedication.

Happy Clients = Happy Home

Thank you Santa Cruz!

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